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Why Use OTC Direct?


OTC Direct allows you to trade around the clock across 40+ crypto currencies supported by a dedicated account managers. With optimized uptime on our platform, OTC Direct can provide you with seamless trading experience for your larger orders.

Best Execution

We aggregate liquidity through a multitude of different providers in order to provide you with competitive pricing. By routing your large block order across our liquidity pools, you will save on your market orders without having to manually route your orders out to different venues.

Rapid Settlement

We offer conditional same-day settlement for our client trades. By having close relationships with our partner banks, our settlement speeds for fiat to cryptocurrency is one of the most competitive in Canada.

Onboard with GPAY.COM

Contact our Wealth Account Managers to get started as an individual or as a corporate entity.

·All onboarding information will be securely stored.

·Account registration will typically take less than one day.

Set Up

Upon onboarding, our Wealth Account Managers will provide you with your account information to log onto OTC Direct.

You will be provided login credentials for your OTC Direct account.

Login credentials are secure.

Login credentials are secure.

Once you have onboarded, you will be able to deposit fiat and cryptocurrencies at any time.

Wires will be processed and handled by our partner bank the moment it has been sent.

Cryptocurrencies require several confirmations on the blockchain before we can credit your account.


Execute transactions for some of the best prices using OTC Direct.

You will be able to trade directly on our platform 24/7 (excluding scheduled maintenance times).

Access large liquidity limit orders and RFQ orders on our platform.

Connect with our API for automated trading strategy


Once you have updated the banking / wallet address information, you will be able to withdraw funds.

We have long-standing relationships with our partner banks to provide you with rapid settlement.

Cryptocurrencies will be settled immediately upon confirmation of the trade details.